The removal and renovation of two major buildings within the scholastic core on Western Kentucky University’s campus were the catalyst for the Hilltop planning study. The study evaluated and assessed the pedestrian and vehicular circulation opportunities associated with the Hilltop, both a defining topographical character of the campus and the WKU scholastic services core. Addressing these building changes, Luckett & Farley developed a plan that will maintain a walkable campus, limit or remove vehicles, reduce traffic congestion and parking demand, minimize pedestrian and vehicular conflicts, and remove parking from the hill rerouted Hilltop Drive. 


The “Loop” concept we developed explores the elimination of all through traffic along Hilltop Drive and promotes access along a primarily pedestrian based plaza from the Colonnade to the Hilltop. The circulation routes from the valley to the Hilltop are also strengthened through the addition of shaded pedestrian walkways with a priority to preserve the existing tree canopy.


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