Master Planning & Landscape Architecture

At Luckett & Farley, Master Planning is meant to develop long-range strategies for the growth and transformation of a facility's campus. Review of all aspects of the physical campus at a single point in time establishes a baseline and an overview which allows no single issue to be considered in isolation. It interrelates buildings, infrastructure, open spaces, circulation, environment, ecology, and stormwater management. The physical planning process is driven by consensus building, collaboration and a respect for local culture, climate, and place. It is further driven by the user. The staff and the surrounding community all participate in and are enriched by the campus experience. Physical planning also complements the Strategic Capital Plan and should serve as a roadmap, allowing the campus to grow wisely and with intention. During our Master Plan process, we make sure not to ignore any campus features, ensuring that our client’s facilities are planned with purpose, using strategic feedback, physical conditions and community factors as a way to create a campus that acts as a driver of success and growth for our clients.