Civic Design Studio

Luckett & Farley believes in the power of communities to shape the lives of their citizens. And we believe in the power of design to shape those communities into places where citizens can thrive.

Our Civic Design Studio is dedicated to projects that keep cities beautiful and efficient, both here in Louisville and throughout the region. Whether that’s designing a new YMCA, exploring all that a neighborhood park can be, preparing a master plan to guide urban development, or repairing the roof on City Hall, we’re proud of our creative and technical contributions to civic projects.

The Civic Design Studio’s primary clients are non-profits and local government agencies serving their surrounding communities. We love the diversity of projects this brings to our door and are especially grateful for the multi-discipline studio model our firm uses. We have immediate access to experts in commercial, hospitality, industrial, and educational spaces to gather a diversity of thought around the drafting table and ultimately deliver a design expressing current best practices and innovative solutions.