Distilled Spirits

As more and more whisky brands and distilleries are added to the market it becomes ever more critical to differentiate from what is and what has been in order to succeed. While there are some inescapable traditions that merit respect, Luckett & Farley knows what it takes to tell an authentic brand story through a unique distillery experience that will stand out from what has gone before. We are committed to continually pushing the bounds of innovative design while incorporating the timeless tradition of distilling to create unique experiences.

Luckett & Farley has diverse distillery experience across all our disciplines, from grain to table, including, visitor centers, stills, cooperages, rickhouses, and distribution centers. There is no aspect of the distillery process and visitor experience that we have not touched, including process design, all together, in house. As a multi-disciplinary firm, we are better equipped to integrate the engineering elements into the design so that the brand is seamlessly reflected in how everything works and how each system supports the whole vision.