This Hotel concept stitches together the urban fabric and re-establishes the corner condition to the Northwest while filling a void in an area known for its collection of 4-to-5-story buildings dating to the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  

The 220-key hotel and multi-use building includes a ground floor restaurant, coffee shop, and art gallery.  A bar/lounge, conference center, gym/spa, and pool occupy the street frontage in a 5-story podium.  There are also multiple rooftop gathering spaces and a basement speakeasy.  

While the building’s principal function is a hotel, a major driver of the program organization is to activate the street. Varied program offerings cater to the public, working symbiotically with local activity, and provide a unique hospitality experience for hotel guests.  By designing for valet parking and drop-off on the building’s West side, the pedestrian experience along the main street to the North is reinforced and uninterrupted by vehicular traffic.

The new structure is sensitive to its context by creating a transparent atrium between the existing historic building and the new construction. This juxtaposition of the historic and contemporary by maintaining and reimagining the existing structure creates a unique user experience. 

A 5-story podium with fenestration at a size and cadence to mimic the adjacent historic facades, reinforces the scale of the surrounding buildings.  Above the 5-story datum, the building steps back and breaks with a transparent treatment before rising up to provide a vertical bookend on the West side of the block, to a 27-story tower on the East. 




Project Details


180,000 SF

Services Provided