Luckett & Farley exists to leverage our legacy of design innovation and creative use of technology to attract, develop and enrich the best employee-owners and the finest clients. We provide the most dynamic results in order to be the architecture, engineering and interior design solution provider of choice.

Positioning Statement

Luckett & Farley utilizes leading-edge technology and our full suite of in-­house capabilities to turn clients’ objectives into outcomes. We maximize possibilities and profit for clients anywhere, in any industry. Clients choose Luckett & Farley because they want a do-it-all firm with standout solutions. Our dynamic and unmatched history is proof of our drive, vision, and success.



We live the Employer of Choice Continuum. Luckett & Farley is the absolute best place to work for our employee-owners because we believe:

  • The best environment, culture and reward structure attracts and retains the best talent.
  • The best talent attracts and retains the finest clients. The finest clients share our values, respect our employee-owners and have the best projects.
  • The best projects provide the greatest opportunities for professional enrichment and financial reward.
  • Professional enrichment and financial reward provide a never-ending continuum of success for our employee-owners and our ESOP.