Luckett & Farley designed a collaborate, wellness-centered, and flexible office renovation for Texas Roadhouse’s corporate headquarters in a style representative of their brand and work culture. 

Texas Roadhouse selected Luckett & Farley to renovate two floors of their corporate headquarters, including office spaces, communal spaces, meeting rooms, restrooms, training space, production space, and mother’s rooms.

Texas Roadhouse’s Founder Kent Taylor strongly believes you should have fun when you go to work, so he wanted the teams working on these floors to have input on how the renovation could create a space where they want to work hard and play hard.

Our team guided several brainstorming sessions with the Texas Roadhouse team to help each floor narrow down the themes and palettes they wanted to use. To start the process, our team took them on a virtual tour of national parks in Texas to keep the inspiration rooted in the brand. In the end the design was a personification of the brand and how they work — celebrating its southwestern roots and merging those with modern office trends.

While we got to design some really fun spaces (like elements to make the travel department feel like an airport lounge), our team had many challenges to overcome as well. We had to keep our new designs within a tight footprint and find opportunities to layer programming so we could maximize space and give the client as many wish list items as we could. By selecting a telescoping glass wall for the main conference room, we’re able to open up the space and connect it with the surrounding lounge areas for all-staff meetings. We placed the private offices centrally and open workstations around the perimeter which is a more efficient use of space and opens up views to and through the floor.

Additionally, this project was on a very tight deadline and required collaboration with a large group of stakeholders and a high number of furniture vendors. This project heavily benefitted from Luckett & Farley’s multi-discipline approach as it was easier for us to set and adhere to a highly structured schedule of milestones and meetings, for us and the vendors.

“It’s a personification of their brand and how they work internally, their culture. It embodies what they do, who they are, and how they work.” – Luke Kinne, Interior Design Discipline Manager


Project Details


Texas Roadhouse


2nd floor- 14,087 SF

4th floor- 16,200 SF

Services Provided


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Plumbing Engineering

Interior Design




2nd floor- 5 months

4th floor- 4 months