Texas Roadhouse chose Luckett & Farley to renovate two floors of their corporate headquarters, including office spaces, communal spaces, meeting rooms, restrooms, training space, production space including a green room, and mother’s rooms.

Texas Roadhouse’s Founder Kent Taylor strongly believed you should have fun when you go to work, so he wanted the teams working on these floors to have input on how the renovation could create a space to support their work-hard-play-hard culture.

Our team guided several visioning sessions with the Texas Roadhouse staff to outline goals and the key success factors for the project. To kick off the process, our team took them on a virtual Texas Road-trip of national parks to keep the inspiration rooted in the brand. Together we developed a final design that was a personification of the brand and how they work — merging their southwest-inspired roots with best practices for modern office environments.

Daylight and outdoor views have a proven impact on employee productivity. We placed the private offices centrally with full glass fronts, leaving the perimeter clear for open office and shared meeting space. This gave more employees access to daylight, views outside, as well as views through the space. We also designed unique spaces to increase employee engagement and team focus, like giving the travel department elements of an airport lounge.

The end users’ needs required many different programmatic functions within a small footprint. This necessitated creative layering of program with complimentary functions within the same square footage to maximize the space. For example, by utilizing a telescoping glass wall between their main conference room and break room lounge, the adjoining spaces can be opened to each other for all-hands meetings and large gatherings.

Luckett & Farley’s multi-discipline approach allowed us to adhere to a structured schedule of milestones and meetings, for us, the vendors, and the client. This enabled us to meet a tight project deadline while still effectively collaborating with a large group of stakeholders and a number of furniture vendors.

“It’s a personification of their brand and how they work internally, their culture. It embodies what they do, who they are, and how they work.” – Luke Kinne, Interior Design Discipline Manager


Project Details


Texas Roadhouse


2nd floor- 14,087 SF

4th floor- 16,200 SF

Services Provided


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Plumbing Engineering

Interior Design




2nd floor- 5 months

4th floor- 4 months