This renovated warehouse will become the first permanent home for staff and artists of Louisville Visual Art, which “has been improving lives through visual art education, community outreach, and artist engagement since 1909.” In addition to giving this organization the space it needs to thrive, it establishes a creative hub as part of the revitalization of the historic Portland neighborhood. 

The renovation will include both floors of an abandoned warehouse, the reconfiguring of an elevator shaft, and an overall refurbishment of the property. The vertical blades on the corner of the building will serve as a beacon visible from the surrounding neighborhood and adjacent highway to pin the building conceptually to the site.  

The interior space allows for administrative offices, classrooms, and gallery on the first floor. The gallery is designed with pivoting walls that enable the space to be divided, transformed, and expanded based on the programmatic requirements for each event or function, making this a truly flexible space for art, instruction, and events. A black box theatre is located adjacent to (and expandable into) the gallery as a space for presentations, lectures, and performance art.  

Artist-in-residence working studios are provided on the second floor and their inclusion is used as a catalyst for students to see the full circle of art education, training, and passion through the evolution of an artist. 

The site to the west is captured for display of sculpture and provides for an outdoor art classroom and performance space as well. The intent is for the design to be integrated and welcoming to the neighborhood.  

Project Details


Louisville Visual Arts

Construction Cost

$2.5 million Estimated


32,000 SF

Services Provided