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Luckett & Farley Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Civil engineers designed The Rabbit Hole craft distillery’s structure and internal workings.

Built on the site of the old Disney Tire Company building at 721 East Jefferson Street in downtown Louisville’s Nulu district,  Rabbit Hole features a twenty-four inch still with a production capacity of 20,000 barrels a year. The project included renovating an existing 30,000 SF warehouse with a 13,000 SF new expansion. The facility holds a retail area, second floor office space, tank rooms, and an open atrium displaying the beer well, beer still, cooker, doubler, and fermenter tanks with elevated concrete slab on metal deck platforms leading up to a third floor event space.

The mechanical system included energy saving design to combine both process and comfort conditioning systems. This project included some conditioning of the production area which was open to a high-end event space. The production area included management of heat and moisture from a 24” column still and associated fermenters and cooker. Maintaining comfort in an active production area connected to retail and event areas was a major challenge to overcome on this project. 

Additionally, the design included a new commercial kitchen as well as process waste sanitary system for the bourbon distillation process.


    Project Details

    Rabbit Hole

    Construction Value
    $10 million

    Services Provided
    Structural Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Plumbing Engineering
    Construction Administration

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