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Luckett & Farley provided full design services for the renovation and reconstruction of the 266-bed facility that suffered an explosion in 2017 resulting in the demolition of approximately 40% of the building.

Once we ensured that the surviving building was strong enough for a renovation, we knew we would want to use brick identical to the original building. After such a shocking event it was important that the building would not be marked for future campus students with a transition of materials. Brick would maintain the consistency of the entire building and be in keeping with its surrounding architectural environment. To ensure the new brick matched the old brick perfectly, we sought out the original brick manufacturer and mason to match the brick and mortar to the original building.

While we strove for consistency and uniformity on the building exterior, we did take the opportunity to make some improvements. We opened up the lobby and made it two stories, creating valuable community space. At the entrance we added glazing and constructing a new portico with an inhabitable deck above. With LED lighting throughout and advanced HVAC controls, the newly renovated building will have a smaller environmental footprint that it did before.

    Project Details

    Murray State University

    Construction Value
    $12 million

    4 Stories
    79,900 SF
    266 Beds

    Services Provided 
    Site Study
    Interior Design
    Construction Administration

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