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This 3 story, 39,000 SF Administration Building will serve as the hub of the power plant. It includes employee facilities on the first floor, such as, locker rooms and showers for over 120 employees, exercise room, a large cafeteria with vending and dining facilities, large meeting/training room, and a records room. The second floor will have individual offices around the perimeter and several open work stations in the interior open space, as well as, a large records room, several meeting rooms and auxiliary spaces. The third floor will have executive offices, conference rooms and auxiliary administrative spaces.

The exterior of the building will feature glass and metal panels that will provide a modern appearance. The interior finishes include very durable surfaces such as resinous flooring, tiles and other high grade finishes that could withstand the industrial foot traffic and still maintain the high level finish. Luckett & Farley designed the HVAC system using a unique “Chilled Beam” System. This provided a very tightly controlled temperature and humidity environment using a very sophisticated air distribution system using chilled beams. The system provides a high level of energy efficiency using water (hot and cold) for distributing energy with minimal energy losses. The system also reduces the air distribution noise to negligible level and creates a very quiet environment.

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    39,000 SF

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