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Luckett & Farley provided architecture and engineering services for the complete renovation of the existing Brown Cancer Center into a planned state-of-the-art outpatient cancer treatment facility complete with academic and research space. The renovation of the 1st floor includes breast care screening and diagnostic services, Mint Jubilee Cancer Awareness and dental oncology. The renovation of the 2nd floor includes a medical oncology clinic and academic offices, bone marrow laboratory, and pharmacy. The 3rd floor renovation includes a multi-disciplinary clinic, GYN Oncology, GYN academic offices.

“Luckett & Farley demonstrated the ability to deliver a project that meets our current and future needs. The construction was completed on time and within budget”.

Evelyn Pepper
Former Vice President of Planning University of Louisville Hospital

    Project Details

    UofL Health Care

    Construction Value
    First Floor - $2.1 million 
    Second Floor - $2.7 million
    Third and Fourth Floor - $2.5 million

    First Floor - 15,320 SF 
    Second Floor - 19,500 SF 
    Third and Fourth Floor - 19,500 SF

    Services Provided
    Facility Master Planning

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