Six-story hotel with ties to Rabbit Hole Distillery proposed in NuLu

Luckett & Farley Hospitality Studio is happy to be a part of this premium hotel, designing the facade and the pedestrian alley provideding pedestrian
and car circulation, along with connection and views to the urban
distillery on the block beyond.


The "super-premium" hotel's plan shows 122 rooms, a restaurant and arts garden on East Market Street. And a potential partner owns some high-profile hotels, including four in Austin, Texas.

The properties now are either vacant or used for parking and are owned by Louisville businessman and Rabbit Hole Distillery Founder Kaveh Zamanian through Green Building LLC and Rabbit Hole Spirits LLC.

The plans state the full-service hotel will be an extension of NuLu's ongoing development will fill in the undeveloped spaces that “form the gap” on East Market Street between the Green Building to the east, the former Scout retail store to the west and Rabbit Hole to the south. A site plan shows the hotel would exceed 72,000 square feet, including a large restaurant, a concept for which has not been disclosed. 


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