Meet Heine Brothers' new drive-thru-only concept

Heine Brothers' Coffee, a Louisville coffee chain, just released plans for a drive-thru-only location coming this fall. The store will be located at 7701 Bardstown Road in Fern Creek. 

What makes this location unique is its size and function. At just 600 square feet, the shop will only offer service via its drive-thru. 

Management says this design will allow the coffee company to reach more communities by targeting smaller real estate purchases. 

“I see a lot of potential for small drive-thru-only units in high traffic areas. Coffee is about convenience for a lot of people," said Mike Mays, President and Co-founder of Heine Brothers'.

"Whether from home or the office, we need it to be quick and efficient so we worked with the team from Luckett and Farley to design a tight little 600sf drive-thru-only concept.”

This type of development follows a new trend that caters to the ever-growing quick service culture which has grown through mobile ordering and the pandemic. 

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