Louisville's largest architecture firm launching resource on ‘next normal’ office spaces

Louisville’s largest architecture firm is spearheading a new resource to explore the “next normal” for office spaces in Kentucky and Louisville by bringing experts on the subject together to help others. 

Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers Inc. is launching a new virtual event series to help companies “navigate bold shifts in how people work and the role of offices.”

“After the Covid-19 pandemic pushed companies to adopt a new way of working, corporate leaders now have the opportunity to reimagine work and workplaces as employees return,” the company said in a statement. 

The event series and each of its components are free and will bring together experts in areas such as office design, corporate culture, economic development and innovation to weigh in and offer ideas to deal with challenges the decision makers face on the future of their workplace.

“Now is a perfect time to rethink how offices can support the priorities of an organization,” Boz Lindgren, market director of Luckett & Farley’s Corporate Commercial and Hospitality Design Studio, said. “There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We designed these events to explore how offices can benefit business and question long-held assumptions about how work is done."

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