Humana to shift employees back to the office en masse after Labor Day

Humana Inc. will push to have its offices staffed following Labor Day.

The Louisville-based health insurance and health care provider operated with as much as 90% of its workforce in remote work mode since March 12, when the first Covid-19 case was reported at a company workspace.

A return of a major portion of Humana employees to the office would have wide ramifications for the local economy.

Humana’s headquarters is in Downtown Louisville, at 500 W. Main St. More Humana employees working in the office could bring hundreds of employees back to a part of the city that suffered from several businesses adopting remote work options to protect employees from the spread of the coronavirus. Humana employs over 12,000 people locally and about 45,000 nationally.

“Our commitment is always to the health and safety of our employees and we remain flexible to their needs,” a spokesperson for Humana said. “While our offices have remained open through the pandemic for critical and specific needs, this next step will broaden the options for our employees.

“This decision is based on the needs of the business and our employees along with a data-driven, core set of criteria including community Covid cases, vaccination rates, state and local guidelines and other environmental considerations.”

Specifically, the company’s intent is to have offices “fully operational after Labor Day.” Humana never completely shut its offices. It also has a major office building at 101 E. Main St.


“The organizations that get this right will win the war [for] talent,” said Douglas Edwards, senior vice president, enterprise associate and business solutions for Humana. Edwards was speaking at a panel titled “Defining the Post-Pandemic Workspace” earlier in the month. The panel was part of a larger virtual event series created by Louisville’s Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers Inc. to help companies navigate shifts in how people work and the role of offices.

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