FROM THE TOP: Remote, office or hybrid: Louisville executives weigh in

Covid-19 has turned upside down all perceptions we used to have of workplaces.

The pandemic forced executives to react on the fly about how to keep employees safe while guarding the well-being of their business. Reimagining office spaces took root.

Remote work, which may have been a foreign concept to some, became commonplace. As the pandemic began to wane, executives were tasked with figuring out the best workspace situation for the health of their company.

The delta variant causing a surge in new coronavirus cases has added even more uncertainty.


The situation prompted me to ask the following question of area executives: In the office, remote or hybrid: Which workplace setting do you choose for your company, and why?

You can find their answers below.

Aric Andrew, president and CEO, Luckett & Farley

“Ultimately design is about bringing joy to those who live with and experience what we create as architects, interior designers and engineers. As designers, we know a space should serve its user and enhance their well-being and their happiness. When considering the workplace setting for our employees the choice between ‘in office’ and ‘at home’ felt arbitrary. To do our best work for our clients requires happy and engaged employees. The feedback from our own employees is that flexibility is what matters most. Therefore we have adopted a flexible approach to make the most of the environment that promotes the best design and service to our clients combined with what works best for our employees. We call it 'Work from Anywhere.'

"Even before the pandemic, Luckett & Farley recognized the need for its physical office to support collaboration and creativity. We still believe that the highest quality creative collaboration happens in person and will prioritize it where we can. By making it clear what things are important to do together and by determining how often we need to be together to build stronger relationships we can empower each employee-owner to make their own choice of where they work best for most and in some cases all of the time depending on their role.

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