California Whiskey Player Moves to Bourbon Country

Bespoken Spirits is moving into a space in Lexington’s Greyline Station, a former bus depot that has been turned into a public marketplace complete with restaurants, bars, and retail shops. The company will celebrate its grand opening at the new site on March 27th with much fanfare, including an appearance by rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd; Bespoken Spirits produces the band’s Hell House Whiskey label.

Instead of aging its spirits (sourced mostly from MGP) in traditional barrels for extended periods of time, Bespoken Spirits uses a rapid-aging method that involves infusing the flavors of wood, toast, and char commonly associated with whiskey into its liquids using what it calls "micro staves" over the course of just a few days. The practice, which the company calls Tailored Wood Finishing, allows Bespoken to create any number of flavor profiles from a single base liquid while using less wood, water, and energy than traditional whiskey-aging methods. Along with using fewer materials and benefiting from a much faster aging process, Bespoken’s Tailored Wood Finishing also eliminates the angels' share evaporation.

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