'BeautifI-65' to start at three interstate exits

The initial project will involve a subcontractor, Louisville-based architectural and engineering firm Luckett & Farley, planting shade trees like sycamores and tulip poplars and flowering trees like redbuds and crepe myrtles along with evergreens and flowers near the three exits.

“It’s definitely a project that we support,” Noffsinger said. “I’m glad we have an organization like Operation PRIDE that works to beautify our community. This is a great opportunity to entice travelers into our community. Anything you can do to make your community more welcoming is great.”

Chris Higgins, vice president for engineering and construction at Scotty’s, said the work by Luckett & Farley at the three interchanges shouldn’t be a lengthy project.

“Scotty’s will be handling traffic control, getting construction traffic in and out,” Higgins said. “It should go pretty quickly.”

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