Realizing your space might not be meeting your needs or that you require a new space to be able to accomplish the next milestone for your company requires a lot of consideration and input from multiple stakeholders. 

Selecting the architecture, interior design, and engineering partners you need to help you solidify your goals and take them from ideas to construction documents is a critical decision along the path to opening day. Here are some qualities we think you should consider when hiring a design firm.  


They understand your business.

No matter the client or the industry, each project isn’t simply a matter of square footage. It’s about enhancing the services or products you offer your customers, guests, or clients. The buildings where you work, cook, manufacture, host, and teach play a critical role in how efficiently you function and meet your business goals. A great design partner will learn how your business operates and what your short- and long-term goals are so their design can help you achieve those objectives.  

They share your values.

Identifying your priorities and values during the kickoff meeting will help guide your design partner as they investigate solutions for your space, as well as giving you a framework to guide decision making. If sustainability is a top priority of your project but a key material you need to meet your chosen standards is priced out of the budget, a great design partner who’s supporting your values will identify alternative solutions to align with your values.   

They respect your budget.

Despite the best laid plans of mice and project managers, all projects experience some unpredictability. Weather, fluctuating material supplies, and pandemics are a few of the things that can cause delays, increase costs, and delay income on a project. A great design partner will always communicate clearly about these changes and their effect on the cost and schedule. Guided by shared values and a clear understanding of your objectives, they can help you make strategic decisions for your project to keep your priorities on track. 

They balance efficiency and beauty.

The aesthetic qualities of a space can be powerful, helping users be more productive, energized, or relaxed. They can showcase your company’s priorities and brand personality. But a space also needs to function well, with a comfortable temperature, logical flow, and appropriate space for different functions. A great design partner will find a balance that delivers both efficiency and beauty. 

They keep an eye toward the big picture. 

The surrounding neighborhood, on-going maintenance, flexibility, room for growth, traffic patterns, accessibility. There’s a lot to consider in each building project. Working closely with multiple disciplines, a great design partner knows the importance of bringing different perspectives to the table throughout the process to incorporate micro and macro opportunities from the beginning. 


Choosing a design firm is about more than selecting the lowest bidder, but who can deliver the most value. How value is defined on each project can vary based on your goals and objectives but partnering with a design firm eager to listen from the start will be better positioned to give you an exceptional project and design experience. 

Luckett & Farley is dedicated to understanding your business, values, and budget with a history of designing beautiful and efficient spaces through a holistic approach. With our multi-disciplined teams of architects, interior designers, and engineers, we’re able to unite the full design team around a project’s vision and goals from the beginning while also delivering efficient communication and deliverables. 

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Written by Luckett & Farley

Luckett & Farley thoughtfully integrates the architectural, interior design, and engineering creativity and problem-solving skills of their design professionals to make a difference to the people, organizations, and communities they serve.