Real Estate Development

  • Development Expertise
  • Reduce Total Project Cost
  • Simplification- The Power of the Luckett & Farley Team
  • Improved Timeline and Project Execution
  • Flexible Financial Partner


Luckett and Farley Development provides our clients with the development expertise they need to drive projects, small or large, to success, while minimizing cost and maintaining timelines. Luckett & Farley Development provides these services to clients when they are looking for a partner to guarantee success or simply when they do not have the in-house resources to efficiently develop projects. It doesn’t matter if it's local, regional or national, Luckett & Farley Development works as your partner to maintain consistent quality on or across projects. Whether you are renovating, adding to an existing facility, or building from the ground up, together, we will clarify the funding opportunities to allow you to determine your transaction structure. We’ll help you define your project through needs assessment, verify its feasibility through financial analysis, and execute it through vetted acquisition, quality design and efficient construction. Luckett & Farley Development understands the variables and how to maximize the cost-saving opportunities, including design synergies and value options, and how to keep projects on time and budget with the focused goal to produce high quality and reduce total project cost.

Simplification: The Power of the Luckett and Farley Team.

As part of a full service architectural and engineering firm staffed with innovative professionals committed to excellence, we provide early value planning and accurate research to develop projects of high design quality, functional efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Luckett & Farley Development believes in providing each client’s project with the continual, personal focus of a seasoned team of professionals trained through years of on-the-job experience. Our team approach results in an improved timeline and project execution. Our design methodology encourages a high level of client focus as an informed, integral member of the team, through all phases of the project. This collaborative process has proven highly successful in creating distinctive programs and procedures that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Luckett & Farley Development is a flexible financial partner with access to multiple equity funds and lending sources to finance projects. Luckett & Farley Development is ready to partner with clients in acquisitions, reposition, rehabilitation and ground-up development. Luckett & Farley Development understands that every finance option carries its pros and cons as it effects credit treatment, balance sheet, cash flow and control of operations. We approach each project independently and analyze the merits of all financing options with our clients who, armed with the alternatives, choose one that best meets their objectives.

Luckett & Farley Development has the capability to fund projects through a variety of structures, such as:

  • Equity Fund Cash
  • Assumption of in-place mortgages
  • Project-based tax exempt bonds
  • Taxable leasehold mortgage
  • Sale leaseback
  • Joint Venture Partnerships including P3
  • Project specific tax free bonds (debt)
  • Equity (debt) based transactions


Luckett & Farley Development provides predevelopment consulting services, including feasibility studies, due diligence, facilities inventory, programming, market studies, project and development cost projections, revenue and operating cost pro forma, financing alternatives analysis, occupancy projections and space planning, design leadership of master planning, site planning, short and long-range facilities planning and/or amenities concepts.


Luckett & Farley Development continuation of services would anticipate the coordination of land or site acquisition, managing grant and financing approvals, legal jurisdiction approvals, entitlements, contract negotiations, planning, design and value engineered construction documents, specifications, code compliance and permitting, budgets, bid coordination, contractor qualification and establishing a GMP. After the construction begins, Luckett & Farley Development administers contracts, manages change orders, establishes FF&E procurement and install while maintaining the budget, meetings schedule, reporting, work review and oversight of general contractor all the way through the punch list process and warranty documentation.