Ben  Isaacs

Ben Isaacs,

Interior Design Associate

Ben Isaacs is a Luckett & Farley Interior Design Specialist. Ben received his Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky, College of Design. He brings an extensive background of work in interior design, programming and space planning, procurement, and project management to Luckett & Farley. Ben has worked on a variety of projects specifically those associated with healthcare and higher education. One of the projects he is most proud of is the Library Refresh at Berea College where book stacks needed to be less prominent and replaced with spaces to support social networks, collaborative needs, study spaces, and spaces for campus and community activities. Since the refresh, the library has seen a dramatic increase in traffic and the student reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. In terms of healthcare, Ben has been part of the many expansions and new construction that UK Hospital has had over the years. Creating a positive patient experience while working within the healthcare standards was both challenging and rewarding. Ben has a variety of interests outside of work such as home renovations, trap and skeet shooting, and traveling to the slopes in the winter. He has been fortunate enough to study abroad in Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey, and when he left his hometown in Orlando, Florida and made it to UK, he met his wife in a horror films class.