Susan   Zehnder

Susan Zehnder

Market Director - Hospitality & Corporate Commercial

Connect with Susan :

Susan Zehnder is Luckett & Farley’s Market Director for Hospitality & Corporate Commercial. Susan studied interior design at the University of Louisville and architectural design at Sullivan School of Technology. She started her career at an international fast-food brand, traveling extensively, doing store design for domestic and international locations. Susan is a natural leader; most recently she was a co-owner of and managed a design/decor/architectural firm for several years. During that time she was deeply involved at all levels of projects, from business development to interior and architectural design, to project management and contract and construction administration. She worked on projects for several national brands in the hospitality industry, as well as corporate office design and major construction projects in the equine industry. She mentions her first professional accomplishment was at age 25, when she managed all aspects of a full renovation project for a small Mexican restaurant chain. When Susan isn’t at work she enjoys traveling, boating, hiking, and spending time with her husband and two sons.