Art  Krebs

Art Krebs

Vice President of Operations

Connect with Art:

Art is Luckett & Farley Development’s Vice President of Operations. Art holds his Bachelors Degree in Finance from Southwest Texas State University. He also earned a  Six Sigma Certification, Advance Consulting Certification, and is fluent in several languages. Previously, a business owner, owning his own construction company, Art has worn several hats as the Director of Finance, Corporate Internal Consultant, and CEO. He has helped Fortune 500 companies orchestrate successful reorganizing and expansion initiatives to improve workforce management as well as being an expert in all phases of solar development. This includes resource modeling, land control, procurement, and EPC follow through.

Art has dedicated over 25 years to business development, strategic analytics, Advance consulting, driving profitability, and maximizing ROI for various domestic and international corporations. He is not only masterful at technical aspects of engineering but also at creating innovative business solutions. 

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