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Luckett & Farley has recently provided design and limited construction services for several bus stops in the Metro area. Two of the stops were created as part of the Vision Russell Choice Neighborhood Initiative, “a collaborative effort to create and implement a dynamic and transformative plan for the Russell neighborhood, including the Beecher Terrace public housing development.” The Luckett & Farley designed stops were two of five stops created as part of this initiative to provide public artwork, shelter for transit riders and improved neighborhood safety. The stops were designed with community input to enhance existing high-traffic TARC bus stops in the neighborhood.

Luckett & Farley was a proud partner to this project. Our design teams developed designs that responded to their context and location. Additionally, we worked with local area artisans to create the structures, who allowed Luckett & Farley interns to gain hands-on experience through aiding in some of the construction and installation. We believe in improving the lives of the citizens of Louisville through the design and creation of beauty within our built environment.

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    Louisville Metro


    Office of Advance Planning

    Planning and Design


    Louisville Metro Housing Authority


    Public Works


    Louisville Water


    Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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