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The design was prepared as a Task Order under an IDIQ A/E design contract for the 88ABW, Civil Engineering Group at Wright-Patterson AFB. Luckett & Farley was tasked with updating the Human Effectiveness (Human Performance Wing, “HPW”) Master Plan to replace a 2006 pre-BRAC master plan. Updating the plan included documenting space, infrastructure and adjacency requirements of the HPW and providing options (concepts) for the consolation of administrative, laboratory and support functions. HPW functions are currently dispersed in facilities throughout Area B at Wright-Patterson AFB. The facilities vary in degree of physical condition and adequacy to serve the HPW needs. The current conditions create inefficiencies and limit collaboration. Consolidation will facilitate “net-centric” research, improved delivery time, lower costs in developing products and faster integration and delivery of training programs.

The results of the plan concluded a need for over 153,000 square feet of facilities to be constructed in 3 phases over a 9 year period at a projected cost of approximately $67,000,000.

    Project Details

    Wright Patterson Air Force Base

    153,000 SF

    Approximately $67 million over 3 phases

    Services Provided
    Master Planning 


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