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The design was for the renovation of approximately 40,000 SF of space within Facility 30070; for use by the Global Logistics Support Center (GLSC) at the Base.

The renovation of building 70 modernizes administrative space in a pre-WWII structure originally designed as an industrial warehouse and previously converted to office use. Efficient floor plans and master-planned circulation paths were used to dramatically increase the quality and productivity of the space, replacing the maze of small offices, low ceilings and narrow corridors that had developed over many previous years. A new mechanical room was designed as part of an integrated plan for the entire facility, to improve energy efficiency.

The project was not designed specifically for LEED but included design features intended to reduce the facility’s environmental impact and total cost of ownership and provide a safe, healthy, and productive built environment. An MEP Master Plan was developed for this facility. A high-efficiency variable-speed drive R134A chiller was installed and a new high-efficiency cooling tower and air handlers reduce energy costs and simplify maintenance requirements. The renovation design also includes provisions for a new mechanical system that will implement the goal of the master plan to replace the existing HTWH-to-steam converter and steam piping and components with an HTHW-to-180-degree hot water system. Water closets use 1.28 gallons per flush, 20% below current requirements. Direct/indirect fluorescent fixtures provide pleasant, effective lighting at reduced energy cost. Demolition debris was diverted from landfills through careful use and supervision of individually marked disposal containers.

Survey and assessment of existing facilities and infrastructure, program development and conceptual designs including design charettes, preparation of complete design-bid-build package, Development of design schedule, preliminary construction phasing plans, bid schedules, clarifications during bid phase, responses to construction phase RFI’s, preparation of construction phase engineering solutions.

The original structure developed areas on the roof that would pool water so additional columns had been added over the years between the original columns. This created a column every 10’ which made the layout of furniture very difficult for the users of the space. As a part of this renovation the existing column and beam system was reinforced and the added column removed creating a much clearer floor plan. The renovated floor plan allowed for a 40% increase in the use of space.

    Project Details

    Wright Patterson Air Force Base

    40,000 SF

    Construction Value
    $6.1 million

    Final Completion

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