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The new Republic Bank Foundation YMCA is an important new building in West Louisville offering a wide variety of community services benefiting all aspects of wellness. The YMCA has a gymnasium, fitness center, large pool for fitness and recreation, childcare area, and exercise studios, plus the Best Buy Teen Tech Center to offer training for youth interested in tech jobs. Beyond that, the building hosts a Republic Bank branch that will also offer financial literacy education, Gilda’s Club, ProRehab Physical Therapy, counseling services from Family and Children’s Place, and a Norton Healthcare family medicine clinic.

This project was at least a decade in the making. Eighteenth Street had to be rerouted to improve area traffic flow around the site. The site was formerly a Phillip Morris cigarette factory, which left a variety of tanks and old railroad tracks in the ground that had to be removed.

The goal for the design was to create an opening, welcoming environment that could offer an array of needed services to the surrounding community. Two-story windows invite the neighborhood to come inside. In addition to the natural light, the repetition of exterior materials on in the inside connects the interior with the natural world outdoors. The large stairwell guests see when the enter the YMCA invites them to keep exploring the environment. The second floor walking track cuts through the strength training area and looks over into the pool and fitness center. The unity this layout creates builds a sense of community and accountability as everyone pursues their wellness goals together.

Programming was a big challenge for the space, as the membership-required YMCA is integrated into the building with the public offices for the partner spaces.

    Project Details

    YMCA of Greater Louisville

    Construction Value

    77,000 SF

    Services Provided
    Site Master Planning
    Interior Design

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