If you write anything and someone actually reads it, consider yourself darn fortunate. Time and attention spans are short. Every day I have to make a choice which articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, books, magazines and websites to read. I've pulled a few I find valuable and easy to digest.

Sources for Quick Marketing Inspiration

In addition to SMPS, PSMJ and Zweig White, below are a few sources of helpful information I believe are worth your time. 

Hinge - NEW ADDITTION! This professional services marketing group speaks to my inner B2C side with strategies and tactics tuned for the B2B world. Subscribe to their newsletter and check out their blog updates.  

MarketingProfs - Highly valuable resource for all things marketing. I dare you to get through a day where you don't find a piece of information that's primed for you. Sign up for their regular bite-sized email updates for specific areas of marketing interest (B2B, Small Business, etc.).

cofebuz - Down to earth A/E/C marketing advice and insight for the rest of us. Tim Klabunde does a great job reminding his readers that you don't have to be a professional schmoozer to be an effective marketer. In some instances, you're better off.

Ad Age CMO Strategy - I'm an advertising guy by experience and education, so I like to keep tabs on the "rockstars" of the business world and the latest trends on Mad Ave. Personally, I think it's narrow-minded to dismiss the relevance of strategy and tactics used to sell brand names we all know and love. They're cool and relevant! Why wouldn't you emulate the same marketing practices that grab attention by the millions every day? There's no reason they can't work for the A/E/C industry.

Flowing Data - You can fluff marketing lingo all day long, but I'm a guy who wants to turn fluff into substance that differentiates. It's my strong fact finder drive. And because my marketing background tells me people like pretty pictures, it makes sense to illustrate data so it doesn't take a Ph.D. to get the message. Great resource for seeing how data can be illustrated creatively.

If you've got a blog, article, website or publication you think should be added to this list, post a comment below. As I find others I'll be sure to pass along, so stay tuned with an RSS feed or bookmark.

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