Put together thousands of creative, like-minded people dedicated to an innovative industry undergoing a digital revolution and - recession or no recession - serious business is sure to occur.

That’s exactly what took place at the National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show, the world’s largest annual electronic media trade show and conference for broadcasters, digital media and entertainment professionals, held April 14-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Luckett & Farley’s Media + Entertainment Group attended this year’s show and as in with years past, is richer for the experience.

“Attending the NAB show is critical to providing industry-leading professional design services to our broadcasting clients,” says Michael W. Mazeika, AIA, Director of Luckett & Farley’s Media + Entertainment Group. Mike continues, “Attending not only deepens our understanding of clients’ day-to-day business, but it also strengthens our relationships with our clients.”

This year’s NAB show stayed ahead of the industry’s latest innovations and trends with more and more cutting-edge offerings, including streamlined conference content and on-floor education sessions, expanded and fine-tuned show floor pavilions and new platform launches, including the Startup Loft that showcased the industry’s newest and most innovative media technology companies.

The core of the show remains to be the businesses of broadcast radio and television. However, this year’s NAB show was seen as transformative - one that cements the show transition from an over-the-air broadcast-centric show to one that’s shining a spotlight on the entire professional media industry.

That's taller than Yao Ming standing on Shaq's shoulders, more than an average-sized giraffe, and yet slightly less than the diagonal measurement of this gargantuan display.

“The media and entertainment landscape is experiencing a huge shift toward online content across an ever-broadening spectrum of digital platforms, and to must their workplaces be able to evolve and adapt,” notes Billy Hallisky of Luckett & Farley’s Media + Entertainment Group.  “We’re here to learn [about these advances in technology] so we can respond to our clients’ design problems by hitting the ground running.”

This year’s technological highlight that will certainly effect the design of the creative economy workplace was the world’s largest glasses-free 3D television.  In fact, it is sixteen feet in diameter. That's taller than Yao Ming standing on Shaq's shoulders, more than an average-sized giraffe, and yet slightly less than the diagonal measurement of this gargantuan display. The days of Back to the Future II-style 3D advertising are nearly upon us!

Developed by The Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications  Technology (NICT) in conjunction with JVC Kenwood, this massive 200-inch auto-stereoscopic HD 3D prototype display boasts 57 distinct viewing angles. The effect is achieved with an array of 57 projectors, each tuned to maintain the image's brightness and color across the screen, while a diffusing film smoothes transitions between each angle and condenser lens keeps the image crisp.

Sure, the effective viewing angle is only 13 degrees wide—compared to a regular TV's 180 degrees—but, within that range, viewers can actually peer around the edges of on-screen objects simply by stepping left or right.


Creating content for this system remains a challenge. To capture the necessary number of parallel images for all those viewing angles, the recording array can't be spaced any wider than 2cm apart—not an easy feat for modern HD camera rigs. Luckily, CGI animation is capable of generating any number of viewable angles with as little as 1 nanometer of space between them.

“If you're hoping to mount this on your living room wall someday soon, don't hold your breath.” “This technology is to primarily serve as next-generation billboards and signage. Besides, at a hefty 1100 pounds, you'll be hard pressed to find a wall strong enough to hold it,” sums up NICT.

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