Luckett & Farley provides design for healthcare renovation projects that often require a fair amount of medical equipment renovation. Each of these projects requires a physicist report from a service such as Daves & Kelly Inc. The report calculates safe placement of medical equipment in a room through analysis of a shielding diagram. In order to create an accurate diagram, Luckett & Farley designers must provide the proper information to a physicist. Next, the design team plans a room so a MRI scanner or other equipment can function correctly and avoid interferance with electrical instruments. The information included in a physicist report is key – see an example here.

Every detail of construction is taken into consideration, including six sides of a room. Because a magnetic field is never a monopole (it must have two magnetic poles) and magnetic energy can pass through many materials, all construction materials must be considered when choosing floor and wall compositions. The room sizes adjacent spaces to the equipment room has to be evaluated. Below are the necessary documents for a physicist.

Vicinity Plan

A vicinity plan is a more general area map that shows which departments surrounding a given room will get equipment that could affect magnetic calculations. A map of this kind should show the physicists if there are public areas close to the room, such as hallways or waiting areas, especially if these areas share a wall with a room that will emit magnetic energy.

Floor Plan

A floor plan is essential to a physicist. This construction document will show him/her where the isocenter of a new piece of equipment will be located. According to Michael L. Lipton in Totally Accessible MRI, an isocenter indicates the physical location of the most homogeneous portion of the static magnetic field B0 (left). On a floor plan it is important to include detailed room dimensions that tie the isocenter location to the planned wall construction.

Vendor Documents

Each model of medical equipment has specifications regarding magnetic energy output. This data can be determined by contacting the vendor, such as Siemens, who will provide the proper information. An important note about vendor documents is that the location of the isocenter should match the one given on the floor plan. From these, a physicist will be able to make more specific calculations about equipment placement.

Procedure Count Records

A hospital will be able to provide the number of monthly and annual procedures that take place on the type of equipment that is being installed. These should be given to the physicists, along with a volume calculation (detailing the number of estimated procedures) for the next year, if the hospital has calculated those figures.

Given four types of information, a physicist will recommend wall placement, material usage, and medical equipment placement. Healthcare renovation project rely on documents, such as physicist reports, to accurately position and safely build structures.

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