This is part four in my blog series about the trends at NeoCon 2012. Other posts in this series can be found here: Part 1Part 2Part 3, & Part 5.

Dry Erase

The 90’s have made a come-back!  While dry erase surfaces were invented in the 1960’s, they weren’t heavily embraced by the public until the early 1990’s, and they've been consistently used since. Thru the years we’ve seen them take on multiple forms as paint, wall covering, even table tops.  The biggest trend now is glass, with its impressive clean-ability.  We saw over 30 dry erase product manufacturer’s this year, more than I’ve seen in the past decade combined.


As more and more offices move to an open floor plan, acoustics naturally becomes an issue.  We saw several solutions presented this year; they kept in toe with the color wave too.  From a chair that creates a natural cone of silence, to a full lounge system that allows semi-private conferencing in an open environment.  These solutions allow clients to keep an open work space but still function like they’re behind closed doors.

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