This is part five in my blog series about the trends at NeoCon 2012. Other posts in this series can be found here: Part 1Part 2Part 3, & Part 4.


Technology advancements were probably the most exciting element of this year’s show.  We saw new innovations across the board.  New conferencing system software allows users to video conference with the feeling that everyone is in the same room.  We experienced furniture that will power electronics cordlessly and smart projection systems that allow the user to work on any surface.  New minimalist auditorium seating is surprisingly sleek and compact, yet can still hold up to 600 pounds.  Continuing the trend of interactive furniture, new strides have been made to incorporate user responsive lighting and heat reactive textiles (think hyper color t-shirts…again, from the 90’s).

Even after all that, we still found something to top it all…probably our most exciting find of the whole show…the interactive, 3D model software.  While most of our clients have benefited from Luckett & Farley’s already fantastic rendering capabilities, this software takes it to the next level.  We can now import one of our rendered 3D models into software that allows the user to actually experience the space digitally.  'How?'  You ask.  Easy (sort of) – we project the model onto all four walls, floor, & ceiling of a white room, add some 3D glasses (Disney style) and voila, you’re inside the 3D model of your next building created by Luckett & Farley.  Not only are you inside it, you can walk around in it, look under furniture, even move furniture!!  Check out the videos to see it in use by our very own, Suzanne Alvey.

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