Is it the abundance of new products? The high design of new finish materials? Or is the connections made with other attendees? Whatever the reason for its popularity, NeoCon is  a "must do" event for any interior designer seeking to the way we create spaces.

It's an immaculate city block of cool stuff, sure. But as a first time attendee, the draw for me was the experience and exposure to some of the most innovative thinking in our industry. As any good designer will attest, staying current on ways to solve client challenges in today's rapidly evolving work spaces is crucial. Not only will you provide better solutions, you avoid potential pitfalls during a project. It's our responsibility to optimize our clients' interior environments so they can maximize the potential of their operations (yes, design can do that!).  A good designer's bank of solutions provides fresh insight when examining a situation - looking at it differently to imagine the best possible set up. At NeoCon, a good designer grows their bank of solutions to become an exceptional designer. Below are some of the great design solutions I wanted to share:

BuzziSpace Acoustic Solutions

Clients are asking for open work environments more and more often, but acoustics are almost always a problem. This company, BuzziSpace, has come up with some creative acoustics solutions. In a totally open space, hang the BuzziLoose to reduce the echo effect, or, if an area has a lot of glass, add their BuzziBoard. Just apply it to both sides of a glass wall or any metal surface, and it adds sound absorption and pin-up space. More solutions like the Hub, Hood, Booth, and Screen make an interesting, colorful addition to any space in need of some acoustic privacy.


Bretford Touch Down Charge

Ever found yourself sitting in a lobby or café and realized your phone or tablet was almost out of battery life? Bretford is able to power just about any piece of furniture, and now, any electronic device you might carry. With this wireless charging hot spot, you simply choose the correct adapter, and your device plugs right in. No need to carry your own charger around and search for a plug. This sleek hot spot is a great addition to any office or public space.


 IOBAC Magnetic Floor

You’ve got to love the creative minds at 3M. This is a new solution using basic technology. A coating is applied to the subfloor making it magnetic. After 60 minutes of drying time, the compound is set and ready for floor covering. A range of vinyl tiles and carpet tiles have a magnetized backing. These products are able to be dry-installed and reconfigured whenever needed. Perfect for retail spaces or anywhere that has a high frequency of reconfigurations.

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