I never considered myself a "history buff," but when I heard (thank you Twitter) that the Louisville Free Public Library recently posted all Courier Journal newspaper articles from 1830 to 1922, I'm embarrassed to admit I was a bit excited. Since Luckett & Farley was founded in Louisville in 1853, it was the perfect opportunity to find out more about our firm's history without spending a lifetime sifting through microfiche.

So here's a bit of what I found:

1. The very first (known) advertisement, announcing Rogers, Whitestone, & Co., Architects. The founders of Luckett & Farley.

2. Henry Whitestone was the president of Louisville Gas Company and helped to settle a lawsuit brought by the City against the gas company for overcharging for gas lamp fuel. The City expected the gas for free in exchange for a loan that was extended to them.

3. Dennis (D.X.) Murphy nearly died in a horse and buggy  accident, after it flipped  at 5th and Market.

4. A photo of J.C. Murphy (Dennis' brother, a eventual president of the firm).

5. D.X. Murphy traveled to Mexico to work on a new horse racing track in Juarez, likely in connection with the work at Churchill Downs.

6. Perspective view of Louisville's "million-dollar" City Hospital


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