As one of Luckett & Farley’s newest employee-owners and Director of First Impressions, my role is tailored toward providing exceptional service for our clients and dedicated business partners. When hired, I knew I had the personality to deliver a great experience, but I never expected my role to come with such ease. Luckett & Farley has made such an incredible first impression on me that I can’t help but to share that same excitement and enthusiasm with others!

Competitive compensation package

Luckett & Farley attracts the best employees by providing competitive pay and exemplary financial benefits. Luckett & Farley matches other companies with affordable healthcare and a 401K program; but, in my opinion, they eclipse other companies with performance bonuses. Most importantly, they are 100% employee owned! This is what I feel sets them apart. Our benefits are directly tied to the success of the company. As a result, my co-owners (did I mention we're also an ESOP company?) take responsibility and pride in their work; it is not simply a job. The level of dedication to excellence demonstrated by my fellow-employee-owners challenges me daily to exceed the expectations of our clients.  I want to play a part in our success!  Hands down, Luckett & Farley attracts and retains the best employees.

President & CEO, Ed Jerdonek, speaks during the introduction to the Luckett & Farley Leadership Institute.

Unique employee training and development programs

Luckett & Farley also affords several opportunities for employee-owners to develop professionally. We have a leadership program in which employee-owners can learn the keys to effective leadership, called the Luckett & Farley Leadership Institute. Every year a dozen or so employee-owners are selected to participate in the Luckett & Farley Leadership Institute. Those selected learn the value of integrity, communication and efficiency in the workplace. In my short time here I have seen numerous examples of this brand of leadership displayed.  There are lunch and learn sessions that offer employee-owners an inside look at emerging developments in the trade. Additionally, employee-owners can take specialized classes that enhance their specific role and broaden their skill set. As a result of Luckett & Farley’s unwavering commitment to personal and professional development, we have the most talented and advanced architects, designers and engineers in the business. This provides clients with cutting edge, top-notch innovation and design.

A culture of personal responsibility

Can you think of how many CEO’s of a company take the time to learn every name within the company, let alone ask about your day?  From the CEO to my fellow ladies in administration, everyone has been genuinely interested in my transition into the company.  I am frequently asked about my day with care and concern. I always feel encouraged to ask questions and learn. More amazingly, in a situation in which a coworker’s frustration bled through our interaction, I received an unsolicited apology. This is level of respect that employee-owners provide our partners and clients, from our leadership down. They truly are concerned about meeting and exceeding the needs of everyone we serve. They ask how a project is developing.  They welcome questions and constructive criticism. In times where they make mistakes, they apologize, take responsibility and immediately act to resolve the problem.   This pledge to personal responsibility is emphasized at every level of Luckett & Farley.

Providing a great first impression? Luckett & Farley makes it easy. With hardworking, top professionals in every field and an unparalleled pledge to exceeding client expectations, I have a perfect example to follow!

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