Recently, I threw a deck party for over 40 people. It included appetizers, cocktails, a cook-out & special events for the guests of honor. It was a huge success, and I credit that success to up-front planning and multiple “to-do” lists. Not only did they help me prepare, but they kept me on track day-by-day.

The same principle applies to staying on track with my work schedule. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to stay organized is to use, what I call, post-it note “to-do” lists. I put a post-it note on the front of each project file. On it, I list everything I need to work on during the week. Beside each task, I write a completion date. This process only takes a few minutes & helps organize all my tasks in one place. It also alerts me to areas where I might need additional help.

At the beginning of each day I go through my files and prioritize my tasks & in what order they need to be accomplished. We all know what needs to be done for each project we’re working on but often lose sight of our completion dates. I place the files with the highest priority tasks on top and work my way through the stack. By breaking down each project into manageable steps, it’s much easier to meet my goals.

Project management is much easier with a “to-do” list. From team action-items to individual tasks, more work gets done if it’s “in your face.” The fun part is the sense of accomplishment you get as you cross off an item. You get to see the progress you’re making and give yourself a pat on the back.

To-do lists can be used for any goals! My husband often makes fun of all my lists – one in the car for when I think of an errand I need to run, one in my purse for the home improvement store, one in the kitchen for groceries, another for future fun excursions, one for exercise goals, etc. But you know what – I’m pretty organized and get things knocked out without making multiple trips or losing sight of my goals.

A little bit of organization goes a long way. Try it – you might find you are getting more work done in less time!

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