Luckett & Farley has a profound history as the oldest continuously-operating architectural firm in the country. As part of that legacy, we embrace the fact that, as a professional services firm, we are in the “people business”. We combine the skills, talents and experiences of all our employee-owners to help solve the design challenges that face our clients. Our people and our clients are our passion, and that’s what has enabled us to, once again, be named a “Best Firm to Work For” in 2017!

At Luckett & Farley, we recognize that our culture is key to developing people who are as passionate as we are and who want to provide the very best service to our clients. We believe that if we take care of our employee-owners, they will take care of our clients, so we are committed to providing the very best culture and reward and incentive structure in our industry. We believe that is how we will attract and retain the very best talent - design professionals who are challenged and engaged. We also know that if we attract and retain the very best talent, they will attract and retain the very best clients. It’s the cornerstone of creating a sustainable business model that will allow us to continue our legacy of design excellence, and that will continue to create wealth for our employee-owners and their families.

That’s why being named a “Best Firm to Work For” is important. It’s not the logo or the award plaque; it’s validation that we are focused on the right things. Our people strategy is focused on building a place that our employee-owners would recommend to their friends as a “great place to work” because:

  • We treat our people like owners because they are! We share information with them and listen to their ideas.
  • We offer a robusttotal-rewards program which includes:
    • Above-market salaries
    • Generous benefitsIndustry-leading bonus structure, and
    • The opportunity to create wealth through employee-ownership.
  • We understand that not all careers are built the same. Talented people feel that if they are not growing, they are standing still, and who wants that? We are committed to providing technical training & development, developing individual career paths for our employee-owners and continuing our internal Luckett & Farley Ownership Institute.
  • We understand our people have lives outside of work. Let’s face it, this is a demanding industry: we are client-focused and manage a multitude of projects simultaneously, so, we “kill it” while we are here. We are also committed to helping our employee-owners find balance, and to do that, we have created a Wellness by Design program to help encourage a healthy work/life balance.
  • We are committed to being good citizens of our community (and of the world.) Our people are passionate about making an impact and we want them to, so we place value on public interest design. 

Luckett & Farley is proud to have been named a “Great Place to Work” and a “Best Firm to Work For” consistently since 2009, and we will continue to celebrate that. What’s more important than the trophies, though, is that we are focused on continuing to build a Firm which we would all recommend our friends to work – that’s the highest praise of all!

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