In 2004 Luckett & Farley’s (L&F) senior leadership became laser-focused on creating the very best culture, environment and reward structure that would attract and retain the best talent in our industry. We call it our Employer of Choice Continuum and it’s an integral piece of our business strategy. After all, we are in the people business!

Luckett & Farley Leadership Institute (LFLI) was launched in 2008 to help develop the soft skills associated with leadership within Luckett & Farley and create a culture of leadership that runs continuously in the background of everything we do. From its inception, LFLI has included employee-owners from all of L&F’s disciplines and at all levels, including administration and finance. We believe that everyone here at L&F is a leader, regardless of the role in which they fill. Over the next decade, LFLI helped to produce a strong pipeline of leaders within the company, including current Principals, department managers and even our forthcoming President, Aric Andrew. Because we believe that “good work gets more good work”, LFLI also requires all participants to actively engage in a community service project, in order to build upon what’s been taught in the course, and to simply give back to our community. We are passionate about our community here at L&F, and this service project is just one more way we have chosen to give back to the community that offers us so much.

L&F became 100% employee-owned in 2012, and now, as we continue to grow and prepare for the future, it’s only natural that we would focus on creating a culture of ownership as well as leadership. With this in mind, LFLI has now been re-branded as the Luckett & Farley Ownership Institute (LFOI). As L&F continues to grow and evolve, we’ve seen our employee-owners demonstrating those ever-important soft skills. There have been more crucial conversations had around the office; we’ve seen emotional intelligence grow, firm-wide; and our communication and soft skill development is growing organically. LFLI has achieved what it set out to do and now it’s time to focus on thinking and performing like owners.

Thinking like an owner is a new attitude that has begun floating around the halls of Luckett & Farley. It can be as simple as turning off lights or more complicated like coming to work on a Saturday to hit a deadline. To think like an owner is oftentimes circumstantial, but the point of the LFOI is to help all of our employee-owners recognize why this way of thinking is so important. This isn’t a way for the company to “save money”; it’s a way to help each employee-owner achieve more wealth by looking at (sometimes) overlooked details that effect the bottom line. The beautiful thing about being a 100% employee-owned company is that this kind of thinking helps each and every employee-owner benefit, not just a President or Board of Directors.

It’s important to note that the re-branding of LFOI will not involve completely reinventing the wheel. We are keenly aware that, because we are in the professional services industry, soft skills are a “must have”. We’re keeping much of the old curriculum and the community service activity, and now we’re adding some topics that can help our employee-owners think (and act) like owners. These topics will include a more concentrated look at the business of our business, how we make money, financial literacy and a look into risk management; two things that can drastically improve our firm’s overall health and propel us into the future.

The LFOI is just one of the many things we are focusing on to help us go from “good” to “great”! It’s an exciting time to be an employee-owner here at L&F!

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