Daily Journal of Commerce - Oregon
POSTED: Friday, March 2, 2012 at 10:44 AM PT
BY: Reed Jackson

Clear Channel Communications, a media conglomerate based in San Antonio, Texas, is planning a major project to convert two floors of a Tigard business building into a hub for its nine Oregon radio stations.

The Triangle Pointe Building, which was built in the 1960, underwent a significant renovation in 2010 when it came under new ownership. But even with the recent renovation, designed by local firm SD Deacon, the radio stations require studio construction, which involves heavy wiring and soundproofing.

Luckett and Farley, a Kentucky-based architecture firm that’s worked with Clear Channel several times in the past, designed the upcoming renovation. According to Billy Hallisky, senior designer at the firm, the project is part of Clear Channel’s adaptation to the changing landscape of the radio industry.

“The facilities have to be 100 percent flexible moving forward to accommodate how the radio business is changing,” Hallisky said. “It’s not just broadcasting radio now; it’s about listeners creating their own content and redistributing it.”

In addition to the recording studios being built, Hallisky said the building’s penthouse will be converted into a concert space where bands could record live performances and fan events could be held. He added that the original 1960s architecture of the building was inspirational in the renovation’s design.

“It’s not just a run-of-the-mill office building,” he said. “It’s has a really unique and wonderful design, and it’s built very well.”

Bidding for the project began in February. Although Clear Channel would not release the cost of the project, Kevin VandenBrink, an agent with the building’s leasing agency Macadam Forbes, said the amount of money being put in the project is “very significant.”

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