“I had a dream that when computers became more common 25 years ago, I’d be able to build directly from what the mechanical engineer gave me on a disk.”  That’s how the project manager of a major mechanical subcontractor started off his statement at a construction site visit recently. He continued, “I never saw that it was possible until I received your model.”

BIM pays off


As the project manager of the 45,000 square foot surgical center addition and one of the early Building Information Modeling (BIM) developers at our firm, my heart swelled with pride. His statement was unsolicited and had been made in front of the president of the construction firm and, more importantly, the owner’s construction representative. I received the comment as validation that our efforts to forge our way through the mine field of BIM implementation had not only increased our productivity, but also confirmed that we are producing a product that can be used by the owner for years to come as a tool for Facility Management.

L&F's use of BIM

Luckett & Farley has been using Revit to produce construction documents with BIM since 2006 and it is now used to produce nearly all of our work from 2,000 square foot office renovations to new multi-million dollar buildings. We are established as a full service A/E firm to take advantage of all the benefits BIM brings to the creation of a building. Many architectural firms claim to be using BIM but if their structural, mechanical and electrical engineers aren’t using the tool as well, they’re just producing eye candy.

BIM benefits

A design created in BIM not only aides the owner in the visualization of their new building, but it is also used to coordinate the buildings various infrastructure with its actual structure, validate the implementation of the program, create a running estimate of construction cost and become an incredibly accurate record of what was constructed and how the building has changed throughout its life.

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