[smart design]

To experience Luckett & Farley is to know [smart design]. It is a quality design, expert advice and exceptional service. Architects, engineers and interior designers come together under one roof for better coordination and communication, utilizing advanced technology, to deliver solutions specifically for your needs. 

We believe [smart design] is sustainable design. It represents our legacy spanning nearly 160 years and molds our future for coming generations. It’s also through [smart design] that we recruit and retain the best employees. It’s a reflection of our culture and values that are also synonymous with smart business. It is [smart design] that sets us apart from the average architectural/engineering firm. It makes us better.

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Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Corporate Offices – New York

Luckett & Farley’s Media + Entertainment Group designed iHeartRadio’s new 12,000sf office/performance studio space at 32 6th Avenue in New York (the historic former home of AT&T). The space is office-heavy, with a lower proportion of workstations. The offices are arranged laterally with wall-to-wall glass. Office fronts are approximately 11’ high; most office fronts are […]

Taylor Regional Hospital Surgical Center Addition

Luckett & Farley provided master planning and design services for a 48,664sf surgical center addition to the Taylor Regional Hospital. The building is designed to appear as a separate facility from the hospital to help with the easing of patient anxiety. This hospitality focus on the patient allows for individual pre- and post-op rooms that […]

Shawnee Library Addition and Renovation

Luckett and Farley provided architectural and engineering services for  the renovation of and addition to the Shawnee Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.  The project calls for the creation of “an inspiring Community Gathering Place, a building welcoming to all age groups, a flexible and sustainable building,” and “a building that fosters creativity.” The […]

Louisville Metro Government Metro Development Center Green Roof

Luckett & Farley provided design services for Louisville Metro’s first green vegetative roof. On the Metro Development 444 South Fifth Street building, this project replaces the existing built up roof on an early 20th century building with an extensive low maintenance green roof utilizing 160 tons of gravel, planting medium, trees and over 10,000 indigenous […]

Ft. Campbell Net Zero Energy Housing

Luckett & Farley designed two net zero-energy houses, the first of its kind on any military installation. The LEED Platinum, four-bedroom 2,000sf, energy-free duplexes will generate as much electricity as they use over the course of a year. The design is based on a current Luckett & Farley duplex design and revised to incorporate energy-efficient amenities. Among […]

MacDill Air Force Base – Air Force Reserve Training Facility

Luckett & Farley teamed with the Section 8a JV “TEM-David” to provide architectural and engineering design services for the design and construction of the Air Force Reserve Training Facility at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. The facility serves as the new 927th Air Refueling Wing Headquarters and includes accommodations for the Communications Squadron and Services […]

London Joint Operations Facility

Luckett & Farley provided the master plan and design for all phases of a four-phase project for the Kentucky National Guard’s Support Operations Group. Revit (BIM) software was utilized to develop a 3D building information model of the facility to describe and facilitate the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical coordination of the design. Each phase […]

Ft. Bliss Combat Aviation Brigade

This project is the first task on an Indefinite Quantity/Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) contract to provide consolidated battalion and brigade headquarters facilities for the Southwestern Region of the Sacramento District U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. This task order provides a Combat Aviation Brigade, Brigade Headquarters and Battalion Headquarters facility for Biggs Army Airfield in Ft. […]

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Satellite Offices: A Win for Employees, Clients and Businesses

Two Luckett & Farley Satellite Employee-Owners Share Pros and Cons

Companies worldwide are leveraging technology to connect their employees and clients in ways never imagined. Geography is no longer a limitation to accessing the best talent and ideas to deliver a project. Though Luckett & Farley has been based in Louisville, KY for over 160 years, we have employee-owners working all over the country. Our […]

Nucleus “LaunchIt” Program Gives Luckett & Farley Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

A lean approach to successfully launching new ideas

Successful people, no matter their role on the corporate ladder,  behave/think like entrepreneurs. Though it’s easy to be blinded by projects and  thankless work tasks, the truth is: we all have the ability to bring tremendous value back to our companies by developing  new approaches, ideas, & service offerings. That mindset is what will make existing companies survive, […]

A Home Without Nails?

In just about every trade and discipline of the construction industry today, you hear how pre-fabrication of components reaps schedule and financial dividends. Wood-framed construction , in general, has not benefited from very much from advancements in technology–that’s about to change… Science Daily recently reported on a German laboratory that is working on a non-liquid […]

Angel’s Envy: Story of a Design Concept

Passion, excitement (and a little bourbon) inspire a unique design process

Representatives from Louisville Distlling Company asked Luckett & Farley to submit a concept and proposal for a new microdistillery in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The facility was intended to be the new home to a rising star in the world of bourbon, called Angel’s Envy. The brand’s story to stardom is as good as the product itself. To manifest the story into […]

Materialuscious Healthcare Product Showcase

Thursday night was a big one for Materialuscious. It was our first in-house event featuring special invited guests, food, drinks and lots of new product innovations. The interior design staff of Luckett & Farley demonstrated how science and style are coming together in practical and sometimes unexpected ways to help keep facility maintenance to a […]

Where Design Inspiration, Ideas and Solutions Abound

A first timer's takeaways from NeoCon 2012

Is it the abundance of new products? The high design of new finish materials? Or is the connections made with other attendees? Whatever the reason for its popularity, NeoCon is  a “must do” event for any interior designer seeking to the way we create spaces. It’s an immaculate city block of cool stuff, sure. But […]

Materialuscious: Trends from NeoCon Part 5


  This is part five in my blog series about the trends at NeoCon 2012. Other posts in this series can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4. Technology Technology advancements were probably the most exciting element of this year’s show.  We saw new innovations across the board.  New conferencing system software allows users […]

Materialuscious: Trends from NeoCon Part 4

Dry Erase & Acoustics

  This is part four in my blog series about the trends at NeoCon 2012. Other posts in this series can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 5. Dry Erase The 90’s have made a come-back!  While dry erase surfaces were invented in the 1960’s, they weren’t heavily embraced by the public until the […]

Riddle me this, riddle me that: How’d you get it to look like that?

How laser survey solved a geometric nightmare.

What do you call a project involving a steam chamber, a web of structural steel, confined spaces, and zero time? Some might say that’s a nightmare; we call it an opportunity to implement new solutions. Luckett & Farley’s structural engineers were approached by its “raw-materials-producer” client to assist with installing new platforms and ladders for maintenance […]

A Physicist Report

What Information Is Required?

Luckett & Farley provides design for healthcare renovation projects that often require a fair amount of medical equipment renovation. Each of these projects requires a physicist report from a service such as Daves & Kelly Inc. The report calculates safe placement of medical equipment in a room through analysis of a shielding diagram. In order to create an accurate […]

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