Carolee  Allen

Carolee Allen

Managing Director, Client Services

Connect with Carolee:

Carolee is Luckett & Farley’s Managing Director, Client Services and brings years of professionalism, knowledge and local ingenuity to Luckett & Farley's team. She is a veteran in the business of people and brings that know-how to Luckett & Farley in order to help educate the community on what we have done, what we can do and how to use our services to one's greatest advantage. Carolee’s impressive career stretches across multiple industries and positions but one thing has remained unchanging: she is trusted and respected as a business professional in Louisville, Kentucky. She began her career as a multi-million dollar real estate agent and has since worked for Louisville Metro Government, on elected official's administrative teams and for the University of Louisville, her Alma Mater. When not working, Carolee is an accomplished singer and is extremely passionate about music, still performing to this day.