A San Francisco-based company, OneLogin Engineering, recently came under fire for a series of recruitment advertisements that were featured in public transportation hubs. The controversy – this photo:


I have to admit that when I saw the photo, I didn’t understand what could be controversial. I simply saw an appropriately dressed woman with a killer quote about OneLogin’s work culture. I didn’t have a second thought about it.

Turns out, critics are enraged because the woman featured in the ad was considered “too pretty” to be an engineer. Many accused the company of fraud, speculating that they had hired a model to add sex appeal to their ad.

Not happy with the criticism, OneLogin’s engineer Isis Anchalee Wenger, came forward with a bold message of her own, #iLookLikeAnEngineer. She encouraged other female engineers to post with the hashtag as a way to challenge the traditional view of what engineers and technical professionals look like.

You see, maybe I didn’t understand the controversy because I work alongside intelligent, talented and beautiful women every day. We have technical professionals at the top of their respective fields, from engineering and architecture to interior design. So it is no surprise to me that OneLogin would feature one of their best and brightest to be a part of their advertising campaign. In the spirit of celebrating awesome women in the A/E industry, here is a little a preview of our rockstar engineers.



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