For this installment of Materialuscious I decided to get our entire Interior Design department involved in the fun. I asked everyone to pull something that inspired them this week, whether it’s a product, color, or pattern…I wanted to know what’s bringing the excitement to our Interior Designer’s projects…because we all know our Interior Designers are bringing the excitement to the Luckett & Farley party!

My pick was a product that I have had a long standing love affair with…Scintilla by Sensitile. I discovered this product when it first hit the scene in 2005 and have desperately been trying to get it on a project ever since. It’s an acrylic resin that’s internally structured with thousands of light conducting channels. These optical pathways are activated by movement of shadow or light and reflect that movement on the opposite side of each channel, including any colors associated with it (check out the video). Scintilla panels can be used as vertical or horizontal surfacing. What I love most about this product is that it’s interactive and ever-changing, completely independent of electricity. If you’re one of my clients reading this article, don’t be surprised if this shows up in our next meeting!


Scintilla interactive panel from Sensitile on Vimeo.

-Trisha Johnson


When you think clear glass, bold isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind. But choosing to use clear glass light fixtures can make a bold statement in a space. Sometimes we chose fixtures with a lot of color, or intricate details to make a statement. Other times we use recessed lighting to just highlight a space and not take the focus away from other elements.

Well why not chose a fixture and have the actual light be the focus? The glass can be textured or smooth, but let the light shine through and make its own statement. Clear glass is a classic choice. It won’t lock you into a certain style, and will continue to enhance the space around it.

-Suzanne Alvey


I thought looked like a colorful piece of jewelry. Just the way that jewelry is an accessory in fashion, this is definitely a fashion accessory for the home. I love the natural looking turquoise stones…it feels very Bohemian to me. It makes me smile.

-Jackie Saffel


With the swift departure of winter and the anticipation of an early spring, I have been inspired to do a little facelift renovation to my kitchen.  I have always loved the sight of Robins appearing as a first true sign of Spring. That alone has inspired the new color in my kitchen.  Robins egg blue.  Such a happy color! It reminds me of Easter eggs. So here’s to an early spring!

-Judy McGrath

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