Last week we had the opportunity to host Olivia Steitz, a student at the University of Kentucky.  Olivia was willing to work over her spring break in an effort to learn more about the exciting world of interior design…which she’ll be officially joining this summer when she graduates.

Olivia was an outstanding addition to our Luckett & Farley family, she jumped right into several tasks and was able to offer some great assistance and insight into multiple projects.  We offered her an opportunity to write a guest blog article, which you can view below.

Thanks for all your hard work Olivia!


Sustainable Style- Go Bold. Go Functional. Go Green.

By taking a closer look at the importance of practicing sustainably, the knowledge we can bring to our industry becomes invaluable. How we design today directly affects how people live tomorrow. Why not design environmentally friendly?

Green Flooring

Flooring is an important aspect of an interior design that we come into contact with everyday. When choosing a sustainable floor material for specific users, we have to truly understand the client and how they will need the material to function today and in the future.

For instance, a rubber floor in a hospital setting has the benefit of requiring little maintenance, being more comfortable underfoot, providing a dense, nonporous surface and has a long life cycle.

Nora Systems provides the industry with over 300 colors, designs and surfaces in their Norament and Noraplan rubber flooring product lines. The product allows for an infinite variety of design options to fit the client’s style and design preference.

Green Lighting

Sustainable lighting can have a huge impact on a project. Obviously, the most sustainable source of lighting is daylight. But as designers, we can also look to other energy efficient light sources to help reduce energy consumption.


Daylight is a dominant source of light at the Gare de l’Est Train Station in Paris, France. Adding large skylights makes the space seem much larger and helps to bring the outdoors in.

Task lighting is an easy way to add a pop of color to a desk or worksurface. Steelcase offers the Dash Collection- personal LED task lights in fun, vibrant colors that use just 8 watts and have a 35% dimming feature built-in.

Conant Metal & Light provide the “Ice Block”- a pendant produced from recycled glass and vintage ice tongs. Reusing materials in a nontraditional way adds excitement to the finished product!

Green Furniture

Furniture can be a fun and impactful way to “go green” in a space.

National Office Furniture produces the Epic line of casegoods in thermally fused and high-pressure laminates. The privacy panel is 3form’s Wisp Silver resin. The design provides a sleek, sophisticated look, while still protecting the environment.

Herman Miller’s SAYL Chair offers a modern take on the traditional office chair. Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, the SAYL is produced from 21% recycled content. The modern design and bold colors add excitement to a product that achieves Cradle to Cradle Silver and GreenGuard Certifications.

Green Architecture

The Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) opens on the campus of the University of British Columbia as the most sustainable building in North America. Here, the green roof is shown on the other side of a wall made of solid and glass panels- creating light and shade for optimum climate control.

Natural lighting is a major component to the design of CIRS. The U-shape of the structure maximizes fresh air and natural daylight. Users of the space control the environment (temperature, light levels) with their computers.

Image sources:'Est_Paris_2007h1.jpg

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