In fall 2012, I will start my third year at Ball State University, making this summer an ideal time to grab a sought after internship. Before becoming Luckett & Farley’s newest Marketing Intern, my pre-conceived ideas of an internship were grim, at best. I have always been told that internships are solely to get your name out there and that most of the actual work involves coffee, late nights, and tasks that make a 20-page paper seem desirable. Though these qualities were emphasized to me before I began searching, I knew an internship’s payoff is a boosted resume and an easier transition from college to a job, which most undergraduate students want. Weighing the pros and cons, I decided to pursue an internship at Luckett & Farley, named Best Places to Work 2009-2012.

From day one, I have been able to interact with every department in in our full-service building, and with professionals from CEO Ed Jerdonek to the other five interns working at L&F this summer. As a Graphic Design major, my portfolio is benefitting from publications I’ve been given the opportunity to work on and design. How many interns can say they design marketing pieces for one of the top businesses in the city? Along with getting great design experience, I am discovering what I like in a work environment, in colleagues, and what I expect out of a job across the board.

Architecture intern for summer 2012

This internship is teaching me what standards I will look for in future career exploration. Luckett & Farley maintains its high quality work and top-notch employees by treating them like they’re top-notch. Just last week, I had a great sandwich from Lil’ Cheezers, a local small business that L&F brought in to show appreciation for its employees. A fellow intern, Tyler Kraft, who works with the architecture department, was recognized and rewarded for coming in over the weekend to help finish a project. He got a Smart 5, a small magnet worth $5, just for going above and beyond. Little details like Smart 5s make this an enjoyable place to arrive every morning. The atmosphere at Luckett & Farley is one that I know I am lucky to work in, especially as a first-time professional experience.

The nuances of office life and skills that I am gaining this summer will give me an edge as a junior this coming school year and as a prospective intern for next summer. Luckett & Farley is giving me a chance to hone in on skills that future employers will be looking for, an added advantage in the competitive professional world. Most importantly, I will be knowledgeable enough to tell my classmates that not all internships are horrible – they can actually be the most rewarding way to spend a summer!


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