I often jokingly described the Luckett & Farley Employer of Choice Continuum as simultaneously, the best and the worst thing about our 163 year old A/E firm.  It’s the best because our commitment to providing the best environment, culture and reward structure helps us attract and retain the industry's top talent. Over the last 24 months alone we've hired architects, engineers and interior designers all the way from Fairbanks, AK down to Los Angeles, CA, across to New York, NY and many places in between. In many cases they're even finding us!


The Luckett & Farley Employer of Choice Continuum

I call it the worst because of the enormous investment we make each year in training & professional development - including our yearlong Luckett & Farley Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute has been responsible for grooming the best prepared and most competent young professionals possessing equal measure of technical expertise, business skills and leadership ability.  Our competitors aren't willing or able to match the commitment and investment required to duplicate our Employer of Choice Continuum, but they constantly try to hire away our best and brightest. I guess you can say that we're responsible for creating our own "monsters"!

In almost all cases, the barriers to exit here at Luckett & Farley are just too high.  We've demonstrated over many years of being repeatedly recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a Best Places to Work, that our environment, culture and reward structure - not just being 100% employee-owned, but walking the talk of a full blown commitment to every one of our employee-owners - is just more than our competitors can overcome.  I genuinely believe that the vast majority of our employee-owners trust that their career, professional future and opportunities for their families are just better at Luckett & Farley than anywhere else.

In the end, I don't always learn about offers that competitors make to our top performing stars, but when I do, I receive it as the highest form of praise and take it as validation that what we're doing at Luckett & Farley is working exactly as planned!

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