Mistakes are a part of business. Any architectural, engineering or interior design firm that hasn't suffered from a costly mistake probably doesn't have any employees!  Sure, we've all been in that situation – myself included.  Unfortunately, the most effective way to have a lesson permanently seared into your brain is to make a big hairy mistake and have the initiative to shoot your way out of it!  At Luckett & Farley we don't penalize for making mistakes. Our employee-owners exercise good judgment and technical ability with strong problem-solving skills – but the occasional landmine does get stepped on!  When that happens, we assume responsibility and solve the problem – period.  Pointing fingers or blaming others is a one-way ticket to a lost client relationship.

Everyone has Their Moment of Truth

We practice our A/E Employer of Choice Continuum, which includes lots of training and lessons about recognizing your personal Moment of Truth by leaving the people with whom we interact wanting more Luckett & Farley, not less.  A big mistake offers our rising stars the perfect opportunity to perform Service Recovery by addressing the problem with the client in a direct, honest and speedy manner – then fix the mistake with the full support of Luckett & Farley and its leadership, even if that means writing a check.

How You Recover Says A Lot

While we don’t encourage our employee-owners at Luckett & Farley to strengthen client relationships through Service Recovery when mistakes do occur (and they will), they do offer outstanding opportunities to demonstrate our firm’s culture, character and integrity.  We learn from it, shake it off and then move on without any internal baggage.  Besides, our rising stars are harder on themselves than we ever could be!  If Luckett & Farley punished our employee-owners for their mistakes, I never would have made it to President & CEO. I've made more than my fair share of them over the years, and it reminds me of one very important thing - We’re all human…


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