Parking Day
, what a fun little idea! You take a parking space and, for a day, convert it to a public park. When the Louisville Mayor's Office decided to make it a week and span 10 parking spaces and an entire lane of traffic in downtown, a band of Luckett & Farley designers freaked for Park(ing) Week!

Our challenge was to design something cool and build it. In roughly 4 weeks. No problem. We're the largest A/E firm in Louisville! In fact, let's commit to two structures: a pop-up broadcast booth with stage for WFPL/WFPK and an outdoor office for the Mayor.

Admittedly I was nervous, but knew we could do it... with a little assistance. So, a big thanks goes to Wehr Constructors for their partnership in building both the L&F structures in a matter of 3 days.

The pop-up broadcast booth with stage features an elevated 360 view of all the Park(ing) Week activities with a "phone booth" where passersby can sit and call a designated number to record their thoughts on Park(ing) Week, which will later be mixed and posted online. The entire structure also doubles as a performance stage for live bands and the Tuesday night Pecha Kucha when the screen is installed. We were also able to source some color changing LED lights for the structure for evening activities. A custom metal fabricated radio broadcast tower emblem was also added to advertise the structure's primary use.

The outdoor office for the Mayor is a dynamic structure with many moving panels and doors, including a barn door style sliding front entrance, hinged window openings and rear panels that, when extended, are the dimensions of a parking space. We know the Mayor will get a lot of business conducted in his new temporary space.


Our designs are comprised primarily of used and new wooden shipping pallets, as well as plywood, wood studs and 4x4 posts.

Stay tuned for next year, as we're confident the bar has been raised in the Louisville architectural community (nudge, nudge).



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